SOFIA LARK – Porcelain collection “BUD”

Materials: black or white porcelain, Murano glass, silver
SOFIA LARK porcelain earrings and rings are jewellery that highlights the beauty of a woman and greatly compliments the overall image of a bride. The porcelain jewellery collection “Bud” consists of the rings and earrings made from uncommon combination of materials – silver, porcelain and Murano glass.
These jewels remind of stylized flowers, nearly opened buds. Porcelain jewellery combines the delicacy and romance with thoroughness.

Porcelain is a millennial Chinese secret, the white gold of Alchemists, strongest and finest of ceramic materials. Porcelain has a contemporary value that raises the value of a woman itself. Porcelain is fragile like the woman that must be protected from external forces but it also is strong enough as the female personality.

Stock list:

SOFIA RIGA Fashion studio, Riga, Latvia

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