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Vita Radzina & SOFIA Lark, SS2017 collection at the Latvian fashion week Fashion Manifestation #01

The new collection of SOFIA LARK combines expressive femininity and elegance. Details gently highlight the female silhouette and give you opportunity to feel like a goddess. The new brand SOFIA Lark in collaboration with fashion designer Vita Radziņa includes refined dresses and jewellery for women.

The collection symbolises the hope for the happiness and love during the whole life. SOFIA LARK has been inspired by the dreamy, original, filigree, delicate, fateful, ambitious, creative and royal Sofia.

Vita Radziņa is a MA Fashion Design graduate of Art Academy of Latvia, Humanitarian Science in the Art program, in the Fashion Design department. I was born in Riga, where finished RDMV Art school, and worked for 3 years as a make-up artist. I liked to draw very much and my head was always full of different ideas. That is why I decided to go deeper into the fashion world, and I wanted to get the highest education in art, creating specific mood, I decided to continue studies in fashion department. In the second year of studies, I went to Finland as an ERASMUS Exchange student and studied in the design department. Returning back to Art academy I made a fashion collection called “My Beloved Ghost-Bu” and with it I won the competition in Riga, and went to St. Peterburg (Russia) to show it. There I got the 3rd place among 48 collections. I like to travel and get new inspiration, listen to music and get some new feelings. I like to create some fantasy or mood, and in the year 2007 I was an actor director in a movie “Amateur” by Janis Nords. After getting my BA degree in Art Academy I continued my studies being deeply interested in the process of studies and the result when making my collections. I wanted to stay in connection with art. I have worked in some theatre plays as a costume designer. Just now I have returned back from Berlin where I was in connection with Erasmus Exchange Program and I took part in the process of making costumes for a new performance in theatre. I also prefer creating photography pictures with professional models and professional photographers. Each picture is one story…. that makes me happy.

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